Mold Removal Gel

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You've certainly seen ugly mold patches at the corners of the basements or felt musty odor in the bathroom and found mold on shower curtains. Molds thrive in a humid environment and grow, and spread easily and quickly. Molds are not just unsightly but cause various health problems: sneezing, respiratory problem, dizziness, chronic fatigue, etc. Save yourself time and costly medical expenses by removing mold from your household with our mold removal gel. 

Places Mold Exists


  • First step: Dry with a dry rag Moldy surface
  • Second step: Completely cover at least 3mm moldy surface like a toothpaste
  • Third step: Wait 4-8 hours No water in case of heat Wrapped in plastic wrap
  • Fourth step: Until no mold is visible With water and rag Scrub clean
  • Stubborn mold waiting for more then 12 hours If it is not clean once, use it at least 2 times. Until the mold is completely removed!  

Mold Removal Gel Before And After Treatment


  1. Keep indoor ventilation before use, wipe the moldy black surface with a rag, and the wet environment will affect the gel effect
  2. To prevent the gel from hitting the hand when using it, you can wear rubber gloves.
  3. If you are very sensitive to a little smell, you can wear a mask.
  4. completely covered with moldy toothpaste at least 3mm in moldy black, do not wipe thin
  5. Prevent gel flow, can be fixed with plastic wrap, the effect is better
  6. ETC. 

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  • Item Form: Gel
  • Specification/Piece: 150ml
  • Number of Pcs: 1pc 

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Mold Removal Gel