Portable Electric UV Shoes Sterilizer

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Are you adjusting to working or studying at home? You are bound to notice a smell from worn shoes or dump shoes that gets musty. This does not only give a bad smell to your home but can lead to diseases such as athletes foot. 

Portable Electric UV Shoes Sterilizer

With our unique crafted design and easy to use Portable Electric UV Shoes Sterilizer will ensure that your shoes are dry and sterilized from all bacterias that flourish in dump shoes.

Portable Electric UV Shoes Sterilizer Application

Quickly dry your shoes when you are caught in a surprise rain. The ideal for traveling and vacationing with its portability and requires small storage.


  • Eliminate Odor and Moisture: Double core annular design ensures uniform heating for fast drying that eliminates odor and moisture
  • Easy to Use and Portable: Made of durable plastic that is light and easy to carry with you for traveling or vacationing.
  • Timer setting function: The timer function setter enable you to set how long to dry the shoes

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  • Material: ABS UL94 VO ( High Flame Retardant Enclosure)
  • Size: 170mm x 71mm x 29mm
  • Type: CN Plug
  • Color: White / Purple
  • Power: 20W
  • Input: 220v - 50Hz

Package Includes:

  • 1 Soothing Zero-One Shoes Dryer
  • 1 Manual

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