6 in 1 Minimalist Multi-function Tools Keychain Ring Utilikey

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Have you ever needed to fix, tighten, loosen, cut or saw off an issue because you have the can-do attitude (DIY) but lack the tool is not readily available? Frustrating to say the least! Save time, money and accomplish the task with the precision-crafted swiss tech utility 6 - in - 1 Minimalist Multi-function Tools Keychain. Feel always prepared with this hardware during auto repairs, camping, hunting, every household repairs.

Know you always have: 

  •  portable stainless swiss-tech 6 in 1 utility tool that will not rust
  •  straight blade knife for cutting items
  •  Phillips screwdriver or Flathead screwdriver for fixing loose door hinges and lids. 
  •  Bottle opener to enjoy a cold one.
  •  Serrated blade knife as part survival or emergency kit to saw through objects
  •  Patented quick-release design snaps easily into  6 in 1 ideal tool for everyday tasks

Product weights only 0.5 ounces and can hang from your keychain making it your perfect EDC (Everyday Carry) handy tool. The world would be a better place with a lot of handy individuals

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Package includes: 

  • 1  EDC Pocket tool


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