Uv Fatigue Proof Glasses

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Protect your eyes with ASAP xiaomi anti blue ray UV fatigue proof goggles glass when viewing electronic screens. This Anti Blue glass is light, exquisite, and comfortable to wear whilst strong is structure. Ensure you do not get fatigued by blocking blue light of about 35% thereby increasing your productivity.

Quantities are Limited. Get Yours Now whilst supplies Last! 


  • Frame size: 54-17-138mm
  • Frame color: Black, Red
  • Lens color: light yellow
  • Material: PC lens/silica gel nose pad, TPE lens leg / PEI frame
  • Visual perception: strong texture, exquisite
  • Wearing experience: light, comfortable
  • Function: blue light blocking of 35%, anti-fatigue
  • Executive standard: GB 10810.3-2006 (Transmittance Measuring Method) QB 2457-1999, ISO, 12312-1:2013

Package Includes:  

  • 1 Anti-blue Glasses
  • 1 Clean Cloth
  • 1 Storage Box